If you need a fun indoor activity for your children (or someone else’s children) during the festive holidays, here’s an idea! Biscuit decorating is easy for children of most ages and a fun way to get creative.  Using SUPERGOODFRUITS smoothie powders & freeze-dried berries to decorate is also a great way to introduce kids to healthy alternatives or to new foods, making them fun & accessible to try.

Raspberries are tasty, sweet and also help boost your immune system.

Sea buckthorn/sandthorn has been used in China for more than 12 centuries to heal various disorders and is still used today.  In the Himalayan Mountains where is grows despite the adverse conditions, the locals call it ‘Holy Fruit’.

Bilberries are full of health benefits, particular with relieving digestive problems & cardiovascular health.



Christmas cookies

decorating writing tubes

SUPERGOODFRUITS powders & freeze dried berries


Either make your own biscuits or buy some – here I have ‘zimtsterne’ (cinnamon stars, a traditional German Christmas cookie).  There are plenty of recipes available online on how to make these biscuits, including sugar-free, vegan or low-carb versions if you want.

I used some chocolate decorating icing tubes, but use whatever you’d like to fix your decorations, including making your own icing or melting chocolate.

Then get creative….

The cookies will last a few days in a tupperware box (if you don’t eat them all straightaway!!)






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