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    Raspberry cashew energy bites

    Do you ever need some extra energy?  I always find that in winter I need a bit more of…

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    Bilberry & Apple coconut crumble

    Apple crumble is such a winter comfort food.  Whether you’re a Brit missing the taste of home, or when…

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    Super Muesli

    Breakfasts in winter need to be heartier than in the summer.  I definitely need more ‘fuel’ to get me…

  • IMG_2496

    Raspberry, pistachio & chocolate loaf

    One of my favourite activities on a cold winter day is to bake…then of course enjoy the results of…

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    Santa Strawberries

    Are you struggling with being surrounded by naughty treats in the lead up to Christmas?  Or running out of…

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    If you need a fun indoor activity for your children (or someone else’s children) during the festive holidays, here’s…

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    Raspberry & Pistachio Biscotti

    There’s something very indulgent about enjoying biscotti with your coffee.  And a very welcomed treat to serve to your…

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    Purple pancakes

    How much do you love pancakes for breakfast?  Isn’t there something very decadent about tucking into a plate of…

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    Dairy free Raspberry Mousse

    Sometimes I’m really in the mood for a dessert and this mousse ticks all of the taste boxes without…

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    Bilberry chocolates

    The best gifts are handmade…I’m sure someone told me that once! And what better gift than chocolate?! With that…