Santa Strawberries


Are you struggling with being surrounded by naughty treats in the lead up to Christmas?  Or running out of activities to keep your children / nieces & nephews entertained?

Well here’s an easy solution… Santa Strawberries!


All you need is some SUPERGOODFRUITS freeze dried berries, thick yoghurt/quark and some large fresh strawberries.

Personally I used bilberries and sea buckthorn berries. For an extra festive spin, I used vanilla kipferl (German biscuits) flavoured quark.



fresh strawberries

SUPERGOODFRUITS freeze dried berries (I used bilberries & sea buckthorn)

thick yoghurt/quark – or even whipped cream or cream cheese if you prefer



Just cut off the green tops from the strawberries and then a small part of the point.

Then scoop in a little spoonful of quark onto the bigger strawberry piece.

Then gently put the ‘hat’ on top and give Santa his eyes, buttons and bobble on his hat (again a little quark here to fix).

And it’s a simple as that!  Keep refrigerated until serving and eating!





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